Innovation + Self-Determination.


We are committed to building bold and effective community leadership, particularly among youth, in order to create the changes that we want to see in our neighborhoods.


Guided by community input and energy, we are developing a comprehensive neighborhood plan for Southwest Yonkers that will serve as the roadmap for our work in the community.


Through local business and cooperative incubation, and stratigic employment training and placement, we plan to promote a model for growth that will combat both poverty and displacement.

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    Beyond #FreeSchool19

    Over two years have passed since the Yonkers City Council voted to sell the former School 19 building at 70 Jackson St. to Long Island City developer, Alma Realty Corp. Against the wishes of many community residents, the developer proposed to replace the dilapidated school with 91 market-rate apartments and 95 parking spaces. In an effort to stop the sale and convince the city to consider an alternative community proposal that had been submitted along side Almas, local residents packed the co...

    Support the Highland Hill Project

    The Highland Hill Project is a community planning and organizing initiative aimed at creating opportunity, and empowering community members to develop and execute plans that uplift their neighborhoods. Highland Hill is the neighborhood that surrounds School 19, but the goal of this project is to create a model that can be replicated across Southwest Yonkers, and other communities who suffer from underdevelopment. Click here to learn more about the Highland Hill Project.  
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