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CGDCNY Cadets is a skill and leadership development program available to Freshman High School students in the Yonkers Public School system. The program is divided into 3 cohorts based on skill/interest area. In addition to teaching valuable skills, the program is intended to prepare youth for higher education, provide them with mentorship, as well as help them identify their own path as agents of community change.

*This program is in partnership with the Purchase College Foundation and sessions will be held at their new PC4 center, Downtown Yonkers.


Available Skill Groups

Spoken Word & Hip-Hop: Students will explore the art of spoken word and use hip-hop and poetry as a lens for analyzing and addressing social issues. 

Business/Entrepreneurship: Students will learn the basic principals of business development and learn to understand and address the issue of community underdevelopment through economic empowerment. 

Activism & Policy: Students will learn the important role that public policy plays in shaping conditions in their community, and will learn skills needed to engage community members to shape the policies that affect them.


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