Life & Basketball

Had a dream last night, jotted down what I extrapolated from it. Decided to share. 

Like in basketball, in life to be successful you need to have the focus and drive to follow through with your tasks and goals in order to make the shots you need to ultimately win the game. Throwing up a bunch of shots towards the rim won't bring you any closer to victory. Following through requires focus and discipline, and should always be connected to a strategy.

Like in basketball, you have to master the skills that you need to bring you success on the court. Life and accomplishing your goals is like playing 1-on-1 with a very skilled and in-shape basketball player. You might have the heart of a lion, but without the skills, strength, and endurance you need to become competitive, you don't stand a chance at winning. No matter how much you will yourself to win, your success will be determined by your discipline to prepare yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Even if your gifted with a wicked jump shot, when your playing against someone that good, you still need the enough hustle, skill, and strength to get your shot off in good form. 

Sometimes it's a team game. That means that you need to make sure that the team around you embraces those fundamental values of hard work, but its also about everyone on your team embracing their role, and honing in on the skills needed to be successful in those roles. 

A large goal that you want to accomplish is like a game that you want to win. In a game, you go in with a plan for the game by assessing your teams strengths and advantages in relation to your opponent. You develop and execute a strategy, and they are put into action through a series of plays that allow you to best put your team in position to score. 

On one level, winning is about conditioning, strategy, the set-up, and follow though. There are also intangible things that matter. Your spirit, your momentum, or even the community of supporters that you're accountable to, who show up for the game.

Then there's the level that you might not control immediately that you also need to be mindful of, and if you can, find ways to change in your favor. The terms of engagement. Who are the referees? Do they have bias/motivations? Are the rules of the game set up in a way that will encourage or hinder your success based on your talent set and style of play? 

It's about doing what you can to change the things that you can change, because those things shape the environment of the game or the terms of your effort. But when your in the game, it's about finding ways to overcome those things, and win regardless.  


Photo Credit: gmelendez