Resource Database

Resources Listed by Constituent Goals 

Basic Needs

     Secure clothing assistance

     Secure emergency food assistance

     Secure recurring transportation assistance 

     Unique basic needs goal      

Benefits and Financial Services

     Obtain public benefits 

     Improve credit rating 

     File tax return 

     Create emergency savings account with two months' expenses 

     Unique benefits and financial services goal

Education and Job Training 

     Secure placement in higher education 

     Secure placement in job training program 

     Secure scholarship or financial aid 

     Secure placement in GED program 

     Secure placement in non-GED education program (ESL, computer classes, etc.)

     Unique education and job training goal 


     Secure full-time job 

     Secure part-time job 

     Create self-employment opportunity

     Unique employment goal

Family and Children's Services

     Secure child support payment

     Secure childcare

     Secure school placement for child

     Unique family and children's services goal


     Secure health insurance

     Secure health services for medical needs

     Secure mental health support

     Secure support for domestic violence recovery

     Secure support for substance abuse

     Unique health goal


     Prevent eviction 

     Secure emergency shelter 

     Secure furniture assistance 

     Secure stable housing 

     Secure transitional housing 

     Secure utility assistance 

     Unique housing goal 


     Adjust Immigration Status 

     Unique immigration goal 


     Unique Goal